Snowmobile Safari

Routine of the day (f.e.)
When you will start the day it`s up to you. Indeed the tour should be undertaken during the daylight, which last only for a few hours in the North as generally known. After a rich, vitalise breakfast you start the snowmobiles and accompanied by a guide you will discover the snow covered mountains, woods and piste, which can often only be reached by crossing frozen lakes. The latter will also invite you for fishing.

With these powerful snowmobiles no slope will be too scarped, no distance too far to conquer the fascinating wintry landscape. We will stop at beautiful and interesting spots and we treat you with coffee, and served lunch over open fire. You will stay far away from any civilisation and you will enjoy it!

Late afternoon we will return to the cottages where you can relax in the sauna, meet your friends in the bar or undertake a longsome walk, whatever you desire.

Our Services

Your stay shall become a complete success and an unforgettable experience. Please contact us in order that we can assist you in arranging the most convenient journey and enjoyable stay. This holiday is less expensive than you guess.

Whenever you will visit us, you will leave as a friend. Staying with us means an great experience for each individual guest.

What does the price include?The rent of the modern snowmobile is included in your booking price. A an experienced guide is available for each group. Small meals will be prepared at an open fireplace in the wilderness.
Safe and warm clothes (helmets and special clothes) are included as well. Expenses for transfers if the scooters have to be parked at one of the spots or a certain spot cannot be reached in one day are also covered. It does not matter whether you are beginner or advanced anyone is very welcomed.
The expenses for the petrol are not included as they vary depending on the individual driving style, the length of the chosen route and on the current price situation. Therefore they cannot be calculated in advanced.

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